Thursday, August 12, 2010

promo piece

Shot the Tomatoes and cheese images part of the 5 course meal promo piece. The food stylist was Kimberly Colburn.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Ragbrai 2010

Ragbrai 2010

Sioux City to Dubuque from July 25-31

This was my first Ragbrai and my husband's 13th. Ragbria is a bike ride across Iowa over 7 days. RAGBRAI stands for The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride across Iowa. Ragbrai is the oldest, largest and longest bike tour event in the world. Each year the ride starts at the Missouri River and ends at Mississippi River. Each year it changes what town and cities it goes though. And yes there are hill in Iowa.

The Barking Spiders Bike club is a group my husband has been apart though the years. Jim, one of the members rode in the second Ragbrai 1774. He has only missed 5 Ragbrias. I have heard many stories from my husband and his friends. His first Ragbrai, "saggy Thursday", the hottest and hilliest. One of the members Jane is a member of a ski club in Appleton, WI, which I am a member of. Jane told Larry about the Switzerland trip in 2004 and this is how I met Larry.

We have biked many of Tour of Lake rides and group camping/biking trips though the years. The whole week of Ragbrai always sounded to much. So when I heard this year was going to be a somewhat flat year I considered trying it out. Larry and I have been doing a lot of biking and felt I would be up for it. We even got a Tandem (Yokota) bike . I am so thankful for Larry, who pushed me though it.

Someone said over 25,000 people were one the first couple of days. Some of the towns had entertainment, which gave you time to relax and find your group. Seeing a friendly face on the ride gave me peace. I have heard there is always someone behind you and not to worry. They weren't kidding.