Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Barbie - dry ice

 Barbie in Dry Ice

Part of class was the opportunity to play with dry ice.  We could bring anything to class to put in the dry ice and take pictures of it.  Well, this is what I had in mind.  Freezing my barbie and ken's head in ice and smoke around them.  

To put this off, I had to literally pull off the head from the bodies.  I had to pour water into the heads and frozen them, so they would be heavy and not float to the top.   Once they were frozen, I placed them in the container and poured water into it.  I used sticks to keep them from floating around.  Checking about every 10 mins.  Moving the hair so it would look like it was floating.  Next morning I packed up my Barbie and Ken and brought them to class. 

I can still see my instructors face as I pulled out my frozen heads.  

Am I the only one that see the irony of it.  Your childhood frozen in time.   

Okay I might be strange, but aren't we all a little strange in our own way. 

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Dahlia from the garden at the Minneapolis Landscape Arboretum