Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wild Rice Restaurant inside

Wild Rice Restaurant in Bayfield, WI

All images taken with Canon 5D

Wild Rice Restaurant in Bayfield, WI near Madeline Islandto see inside the Kitchen and more click here

Three Course Tasting Menu


Mixed Baby Greens Salad


Creamy Wild Rice Soup


Pan Roasted Superior Lake Trout

smoked scallop, truffled coconut curry sauce, rapini salad,

pineapple pearl couscous


Wood Fire Grilled Teres Major Steak

scallion-sour cream mashed potatoes, grilled white asparagus, truffled mushroom sauce


Mixed Berry Chantilly, Puff Pastry, Fresh Raspberries, Raspberry Glaze


Warm Pecan-Wild Rice Cake with homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blue Sky Creative Group

Jenny Lunde


You might ask what’s in Spicer Minnesota.

Spicer is located just west of the twin cities less than a two hour drive with a population of 1167. And being in the land of over 10,000 lakes you can guess that, yes there are many surrounding lakes nearby. The city is quite small, with only 1.1 square miles sitting on the southwest side of Green lake. So what is in Spicer, a place where people come to get away from the big city? You might go fishing on one of the many lakes nearby or visit Sibley State Park. Or you might fancy yourself to a little murder mystery at the local Bed and Breakfast. Spicer Castle Bed and Breakfast is located on the shores of Green Lake.

Green Lake is the largest lake around this area for miles. The town was named after John Spicer who was a banker and investor who helped grow the Northern Pacific Railroad.

What Spicer Castle is know for is their Murder Mystery Dinner put on almost every weekend night. The Castle has 8 bedrooms in the main house and 5 other buildings on the grounds. About 4pm tea and Hors d’oeuvres are served in the former screened porch Anything from meatballs to fresh vegetables served with coffee, and hot or cold tea. The murder mystery starts about 8pm and sometimes you are given a little information on what your character will be, a doctor, an architect, to an aristocrat. There are two large dinning rooms where the mystery takes place. Relax, you will not be killed before the first course. The clues and instructions on how to play the game are given out during dinner. And no it is not like the typical mystery where the power goes out and one of the guests is discovered dead when the power is restored. Rather the murder takes place before your dinner and you must figure out which one of your dinner companions is the murderer. There are several different murder mysteries, so if you return you shouldn’t end up with the same mystery.

Spicer Castle also is a restaurant serving dinner from 5 to 9 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Breakfast starts at 9am in the same rooms the murder mystery takes place. For this meal the first course was juice followed by muffins, and then a mushroom quiche. The mushroom quiche was served with a purple flower popping the yellow in quiche. The red sauce was a marinara sauce to be poured over the eggs. Check out the different type folded napkins they use. Fan Napkin & Flower Napkin Also see more images on Spicer Castle.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Spicer Castle "After"

Spicer Castle Bed & Breakfast

Mushroom Egg Quiche with marinara sauce

more images to come...

Thank you card

Here is a sample of my thank you card….

The after, you know what is left behind. Looking do at your plate that you just finished, feeling full and satisfied. That’s the feeling.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Email blast

First email blast with Sky Blue

Jenny Lunde understands the "storytelling of food". She has a way of lighting food so that the food just pops and has that "jumping off" the paper feeling! When you look at a Jenny Lunde Photo, you are attracted to the images. They tell the story. Because Jenny studied art at North Central Texas College, she has a wealth of understanding of what makes an artistic pictures. Her work makes you hungry for the food. Because food photography is art, Jenny's recipe for food combined with art is a picture of a beautiful plate.

El Tapatio

El Tapatio

1111 1st St South

Willmar MN 56201


Enchiladas De Camaron

The sauce is to die for. Light and creamy, not heavy at all. A pleasant surprise to a Mexican dish. So many Mexican restaurants give you the same old stuff, but this one was great. This was a great dish to share since we were going to have tea at Spicer Castle at 4pm.

The interior of the restaurant had very beautiful wood booths, chairs and tables with art work on them. I have seen the same booth and table in Arizona and somewhere else. But it is very beautiful artwork I have to say. The birds were on the tabletop.

It was so good Larry had to finish every drop.